sábado, 27 de octubre de 2012

Apocalypse now... (Jobless rate in Spain moves above 25 percent for the first time on record)

¿Marianín o Francis Ford con careta?
You smell that? Do you smell that?
Unemployment, son. Nothing else
in the world smells like that.
I love the smell of unemployment
in the morning. You know,
one time we had a workplace
bombed by an ERE for twelve hours...
and when it was all over, I walked up.
We didn't find one of them, not one stinking
dink body. The smell, you know that
unemployment smell?
The whole workplace smelled like VICTORY.

I've seem unemployment. Unemployment that you've not seen. You have the right to vote for another. You have a right to do that. But you have no right to judge me.

It's impossible for words to describe what is necessary to those who do not know what unemployment means. Unemployment has faces. And you must make a friend of unemployment. Unemployment and fear of dismissal are your friends.

...and then I realized, like I was shot, like I was shot with a diamond bullet through my forehead. These were not monsters, strained cadres. These men who work with their hearts, who have families, who have children, who are filled with love... that they had the strength, the strength to do that. You have to have men who are moral, and at the same time, who are able to utilize their primordial instincts to fire employees without feeling, without passion. Without judgment. Because it's judgment that defeats us.


(versión en castellano)

¿Hueles eso? ¿Lo hueles, muchacho? Es el paro, hijo. Nada en el mundo huele así. ¡Qué delicia oler a paro por la mañana. Una vez, durante doce horas, bombardeamos un centro de trabajo con un ERE, y cuando todo acabó, subí. No encontramos ni rastro de esos currantes de mierda. ¡Qué pestazo a desempleo reciente! Aquel centro de trabajo olía a... VICTORIA.

He visto el paro. El paro que no has visto. Tienes derecho a votar por otro. Tienes derecho a hacerlo. Pero no tienes ningún derecho a juzgarme.

Es imposible describir con palabras lo que esto significa para los que no saben qué es el paro. El paro tiene caras y uno debe familiarizarse con él. El desempleo y el temor al despido son tus amigos.

...y entonces vi claro como si me hubieran disparado con un diamante, con una bala de diamante en la frente. No eran monstruos. Eran hombres, cuadros entrenados. Estos hombres que trabajan con corazón, que tienen familia, hijos, que están llenos de amor... han tenido la fuerza, la fuerza de hacer eso. Se precisan hombres con moral, y que al mismo tiempo sepan utilizar sus instintos primordiales para despedir a sus empleados, sin sentimiento, sin pasión. Sin juicio, sin ningún juicio. Porque es el juicio lo que nos derrota.


P.D. Os dejamos un enlace (en inglés también) hacia un reportaje publicado ayer en The Guardian, en el que se habla del famoso modelo alemán. En fin, seguramente os sonará aquello de "cuando las barbas de tu
vecino veas pelar...": http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2012/oct/26/real-cost-labour-reforms-germany. Vale.

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  1. What Rajoy has done is to smash small business such that the economic momentum and circulation of money through consumer activity has ground to a halt.If he had had a grain of intelligence he would have gradually reduced spending to allow citizens to adjust without losing their homes and businesses or employment.Instead he feeds corruption, fraudulent banks, misspends european funds intended to support business start ups because this is the way HE and his cronies get rich with back-handers and fraudulent deals now surfacing in the news. Aznar started the housing bubble so Spaniards have short memories and enough go on voting PP despite the fraud cases. The psoe are weak and this is a very dangerous combination. I think a new kind of socialist party that supports and promotes small business particularly in export, should emerge. You always work harder and become productive if you are working for your own small company and if you export your products you improve the general wealth of the country. Relying on corporate employment is soul destroying and dangerous as we have all seen. The Spanish psychological depression and police repression of protests needs to be overturned and a new more social supportive climate of helping people to recover must emerge.The PP lot could not care less about people. "que se joder" is their game because they line their own pockets with their frauds. Support small business particularly to export to the far east, Australia, New Zealand and other regions not in the same condition as the EU which in itself is very sick and also loaded with fraud. If not....??? What I have suggested can be done, all it needs is determination, and you don't need a bank loan to get started. I would not touch these banks with a barge pole.They rip you off. Start in a small way, learn and build up from there. If you need funds look into "crowd-funding" groups via the internet and get cracking!! Learn how to export as there are many ways you can do this. You are always happier working on your own pet interest or selling books on your expertise than slaving for some cheeky corporation for two cents a month..

    1. First of all, excuse my English, that it is pretty poor as your brilliant analysis. I do not know from where you write but there is no doubt that you know Spanish affairs. You talk about destruction of small business in terms of Rajoy mistake for lack of intelligence. Unfortunately, I suspect that was the plan. For what purpose? The gradual concentration of wealth in fewer hands, the owners of corporations that rip Spaniards off.

      So why then millions of "forgetful" Spaniards vote again and again for the PP? That is the question. Moreover, no one in this government falsely "friend" of entrepreneurs has been able to give one of the ideas that you bring. So things are going in Spain.

      Kind regards and thanks again for your successful intervention.

    2. Hi, well I totally agree with you that in all likelyhood Rajoy, who before he was elected had claimed he thought he "knew Spanish people", stayed silent over his intentions and then lied wholesale about taxes etc. etc. in fact wanted and still wants to transfer wealth to an 'elite' including himself and his innept friends and sacrifice and condemn the Spanish population to abject hell and misery. Spain was not in such a bad state before he was elected in comparison with other EU states. OK the Psoe weren't brilliant but they were not this cruel either. And it took them seven years to weaken the economy through lack of planning more than anything, but it has taken Rajoy just seven months to wreck not only the country economically, but also social cohesion, viz a viz a six year old child with cancer forced to sleep on the streets after the family home was repossessed last week. This is an example of utter inhumanity and the general and increasing unrest is an echo of what happened in the 1930's. This government is beginning to crack. Cifuentes looks desperate in photographs (Rajoy looks 100 years old) as she uses the uip to repress peaceful demonstration with violence. The more she beats people, the more they react ! Demonstration can be a safety valve or, if repressed, can be the precursor for something else. Now the normal police are turning against their employers and I know their anger. One of 'the angry' is a family member. Wherever you look, the fabric is breaking down. I think this Government will not sustain its term as the population will not allow the PP to continue ruining it economically and socially (and indeed, look at the small number of judges who are starting to ask relevant legal questions) but I hope that what replaces the PP will be humane, and put concentration on social services, education and people rather than fraudulent banks. The PP does not want the next generation to be thinkers so they wreck education by having an arts teacher teaching mathematics. (What? 'Creative' PP accounting for the future?) What the PP should have done is study some history. What they are ultimately attempting now won't work and their conduct now, like an economic / social boomerang will chuck them out. Rajoy was so proud of himself being photographed with Obama (who in fact has heavily critisised Rajoy) And with his sacrificing "silent majority" stance, head back pretending to be Churchill, brought to the world's attention, just what a ridiculous (and dangerous) little man he really is. On his salary he can live in his fantasy, but the rest of the world (except Merkel with her invested interests) does not share his excessive optimism. One partial solution to this misery, I believe, is to help people who can, to export their own products to economically stronger regions. Infinitely better than having 50,000 people chasing one job vacancy they have no personal interest in. To be happy you have to work in an area you have interest in, and these days the only way to do that is 'owning' your own work time. As the PP will not help people, the only solution is for people to help people.
      All the best. (Qualified in Law and separately in Medical Psychology, I have my own editorial based near Madrid and export globally.)


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